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Home Large Signet Pendant

Jewellery by William Floyd Maclean £75.00 £150.00

A swallow sailor tattoo has the folklore that it would always find it's way home. A romantic gift between a couple who have to spend time apart - even if it is just a day at work! The Home signet stamper pendant is a fresh take on the classic signet ring - a symbol of strength & authority. The collection has added romance as the signet pendant has a silver charm pendant cast from it, so the embossed Swallow emblem is the exact inverse of the engraved design on the stamp pendant. From the Sodalitas collection designed by Will Flloyd Maclean, winner of the 2012 CRED Emerging Designer competition. Sodalitas means Companionship, The Sodalitas collection is made in London from 100% recycled silver. With inspiration taken from traditional sailor tattoo imagery, my Sodalitas collection focuses on the sharing of two pieces between two people, whether companions or spouses, together or apart. Will Floyd Maclean, Designer. The designs include Control (wheel), Companionship (Anchor) & Survival (Ship) each with signet ring & relief pendant, and Home (Swallow) in stamp & relief pendants. All designs available individually and as a two-piece set. The pendants are on a 22inch silver chain.

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